Our body organs aren't just found inside the body, like the heart and lungs. There's one unique organ we wear on the outside of our body—the skin. The skin is our largest body organ. It plays a crucial role in separating the toxins in the outside world, from the highly regulated systems inside the body. The skin also regulates temperate, immunity, vitamin D production, and sensation. Welcome to Coco Afari—a hypoallergenic eco-friendly skincare company that takes care of sensitive skin.
A company whose roots were dedicated to coloured skin, and over time has developed naturally effective skincare for all. Today all our product lines are made using plant-based ingredients—free of harsh chemicals and full of nature. If our ingredients are safe enough to eat, we know they are good enough to use on our skin. Our soaps, body butters, and skincare products are free from artificial ingredients, including coconut oil—an allergen for some sensitive skin types. Our gentle products will cleanse, moisturize, and soothe your skin with simple, fresh ingredients straight from the earth. Experience the difference Coco Afari makes to your skin. Bathe yourself in the goodness of Mother Nature.
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